Top Ecommerce Web Design Trends for March

As designers and developers we bring a wealth of expertise to client work, but it remains essential that we keep an open mind, and allow clients to expose us to new and better practices. Some of the web design trends I’ve observed this month at Growth Spark, are strategies we place significant emphasis on. Hopefully, you’ll find these ideas […]

6 Ways to Sustain a Multi-Year PR Campaign

Several years ago, the active lifestyle brand LifeSpan hired my agency to launch its line of treadmill desks. Novelty was on our side. When consumers imagined workplace activity, they didn’t usually think past dusty company gyms and sweaty lunchtime jogs. We had something new and different, but if we were successful launching the line, what […]

These Are the 2016 Digital Trends Consumers Love (Infographic)

Consumer behavior is ever shifting as new technology and social networks become available. Whether it’s seasonal changes or network-based preferences, marketers need to be able to react appropriately and provide the experience users want. An infographic from ReachLocal examines the 2016 trends consumers love. Mobile is perhaps the biggest change that consumers love. In 2015 mobile […]