These Are the 2016 Digital Trends Consumers Love (Infographic)


Consumer behavior is ever shifting as new technology and social networks become available. Whether it’s seasonal changes or network-based preferences, marketers need to be able to react appropriately and provide the experience users want. An infographic from ReachLocal examines the 2016 trends consumers love.

Mobile is perhaps the biggest change that consumers love. In 2015 mobile search outpaced desktop search for the first time and currently 79 percent of consumers use their devices to conduct local searches. ReachLocal noted that 72 percent of consumers want to visit mobile friendly sites, and 74 percent would revisit mobile friendly sites. Note: it’s important to optimize for mobile, because consumers can be very fickle.

Buy buttons could also shape up to be a huge boon for marketers and for consumers in 2016. On Pinterest, which already has a button, there are 60 million buy pins on the site. Twitter’s buy button lets users purchase directly from a tweet, and Google is integrating buy buttons into ads so users can make purchases directly from search results. Even Facebook doesn’t want to get left behind.

Polls and quizzes are also on the rise. Quizzes were the most shared content type on Facebook last year, and 96 percent of users who take a sponsored BuzzFeed quiz will complete it. Quizzes have shown that providing a simple way for users to relate enables publishers can generate a lot of shares; a key metric many still struggle with.

For more information on live streaming apps, and to see why it’s important to capture local search, view the infographic below.



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