Measure Any Social Media Campaign With 3 These Guidelines

​The revolution in human communication brought on by social media helped to usher in a new era of public relations that is measurement-focused and data-driven. With the rise of social media and digital technologies came an influx of relevant data to the public relations discipline. However, the discipline at large is still trying to come […]

How to Ensure Social Media Success with Google Analytics

​Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools that digital marketers have come to rely on to measure social media success. Here’s how to make the most of this ubiquitous tool. Nowadays, social media has come to be recognized as an important asset for promoting business growth. Various enterprises have been leveraging on its […]

Social Media Automation: The Biggest Misconception

When it comes to social media automation tools, like eClincher, businesses and marketers alike agree that they are necessary in order to scale. Afterall, social media never sleeps and with this comes a lot of responsibility for typically small teams. Despite the recent rise in popularity of automation tools, there seems to be one major […]